I’m seeing signs of spring! Daffodils do really well here in Tacoma, and they are all in bloom right now.  Unfortunately, the weather is still wet and cool, with rare and fleeting moments of blue sky. I’ve learned that if you want to enjoy the sun, you have to rush out immediately; if you take your time to have a cup of tea, run a shower, get dressed, and put on your shoes, you’ll miss it.

Home buyers are feeling a similar pressure. Many have experienced rejection after rejection as homes receive multiple offers over asking price. It’s hard to feel like you’ve missed out! But I believe sunny days are ahead and that we’ll have a great summer for buyers. If you know anyone looking to buy a home but daunted by the current situation, introduce them to me. I’d love to be your go-to real estate agent and give your friends and family a great experience at each stage of the homebuying journey.

Prep for this year’s garden is going well! It’s good my hope for spring is fresh because this time of year involves the most tedious and backbreaking work, including starting seedlings, clearing winter debris, and shoveling dirt and mulch. This year I tried out Chip Drop, a service that pairs arborists looking to dump wood chips with gardeners looking for free mulch. And boy did I get chips—about 4 cubic yards of it! Despite my initial shock (and continued shoveling), it’s wonderful to put to good use something that would’ve been discarded.

One thing that gardening continues to teach me is to recognize the value in what is around me. What can I use, reuse, reinvent, repair, or trade? It’s easy to lose sight of what we already have. It’s very easy for people to take advantage of us when it feels like we don’t have enough. My April challenge for you is to recognize the abundance around you, from the little things that could be reused, to your home! Even if you have no intention of selling your home, take advantage of this free tool to estimate your home’s current market value based off recent sales in your neighborhood. Your report will be instantly emailed to you, and your data will not be sold or used to send you advertising. It’s just an easy tool I can share with you!