Show of hands! Who is ready for spring?  After experiencing endless rain and cloud cover (or maybe it just feels that way), I am ready for some warmer weather. This winter, however, has brought me some beautiful moments, such as volunteering to plant shrubs with friends and enjoying a snowy winter wonderland (see photos below). In this month’s edition of Footprint, I’m sharing March news as well as a real estate market update. Scroll down to enjoy this month’s features.


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We continue to live in a competitive and rapidly changing real estate market! The most recent report from January shows a year-over-year increase in median sales price of 19.3%. Wow! However, things are continuing to change. Average mortgage rates have risen steadily in the last few months. And the number of listings in my market has recently shot up, from 19 two weeks ago to 125 last week. If you’re curious what this means for your homeownership, email me for data tailored to your neighborhood.

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Thank you to everyone who has helped me since my partner Lino passed away in October. To create a place in Tacoma where all his family, friends, and coworkers can honor his memory, we are working with the park system to install a memorial bench. On August 21st, we will gather at the Rose Garden of Point Defiance Park to share our love and memories of Lino and enjoy the blooming flowers from the new sitting area. If you’d like to attend or contribute, you can find more info at the buttons below.