We’re entering the harvest season. What abundance are you looking forward to? I’d be lying if I said this is a carefree summer. I’m feeling discouraged about the wildfires and rising COVID cases. I hope that all of you are doing OK despite the challenges we continue to face. To get through it, I’m staying focused on each day’s little gifts. For example, my garden is starting to bear fruit. So far I’ve enjoyed potatoes, beets, kale, lettuce, tomatillos, and green beans. Each week brings a new treat. Up next, tomatoes and peppers! My experimental tomato wall (see below) is proving a great success, and I’m excited to watch them all turn vibrantly red.

In several ways, investing in real estate is similar to gardening. It takes work! It takes time! It takes patience and preparation to survive the cycles of our world! Sometimes we’re rewarded with unbelievable bounty and abundance. Other times our harvests come up short, or empty. We carry the lingering memories of the 2007-2009 housing crisis, and buyers are especially nervous about “timing the market.” Should you buy a home now, or wait? What is the market going to do next? I’ve recorded a special video to answer these questions. See below.

What are we seeing in Pierce County? The market is strong, although there are minor signs of a plateau. Single-family homes are being sold in multiple-offer deals in less than two weeks on average, even with an increase in number of homes available compared with earlier in the year. Home values continue to increase, although at a continual rate instead of an accelerating rate like we saw in the first quarter. Want the data for your neigborhood and home type? Reply to my email for custom data to help you make great real estate decisions.

Tomorrow is National Honey Bee Day. One of my favorite activities is watching the bees at work drifting from lavender to sunflower to salvia and onward. But did you know, you can help pollinators even without a large garden? Consider a pollinator friendly container plant for your stoop, windowsill, or patio. Learn more by clicking here.

The small moments and blessings are what really matter. And I hope my newsletter gives you one! We live busy lives in uncertain times, but joy and abundance are all around us. If you’re interested in connecting, schedule a quick chat using my digital calendar here. Would love to reconnect, whether we talk gardening, real estate, or something else entirely.