Sometimes, plans turn out exactly as you hope. Other times, everything goes to hell. We’re approaching the end of the gardening season (and soon 2021), which is the perfect time to celebrate what’s worked this year and reflect on what hasn’t. For me, I’d like to celebrate the successful blossoming of my favorite new flower this year called the Majorette Double Champagne hollyhock (see photos below). And I’d like to reflect on what needs improvement: THIS NEWSLETTER.

After many complaints that people weren’t receiving this newsletter, I’ve switched email providers. Whether you’ve been enjoying my email for months or seeing it for the first time, I hope you’ll continue with me this fall and follow my journey in real estate, gardening, and greener living.

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Ohhhhh, that sweet feeling of success after months of work. I spent the last seven months growing the above shown flowers from seeds. They started off puny, seemed to take forever to put out buds, and I was worried it wouldn’t be until next year that I’d see blossoms. But with patience and persistent care, they blossomed! And are everything I’d hoped for. It reminded me of my buyer clients. They start off excited, but the competitive market quickly wears them thin. How long should this process take?! Should I wait another year? Buying a home is a journey, sometimes short but often long and with many obstacles. I recorded a video this summer to help buyers enjoy the process and get step-by-step to success, though it may take months and, yes, sometimes years.

Since filming the video, numbers have changed a little, but not by much. Many real estate gurus across the country are talking about a slowing or plateauing of the market. In Pierce County, homes are still going quickly and on average above asking price (see data below, source: NWMLS).

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Great when things work. Frustrating when they don’t. Magical when you’re surprised with something unexpected and wonderful. I got a free packet of seeds in the last order from my favorite seed catalog (Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds) called White Tomesol. A white tomato didn’t seem that appealing, but I planted a few nonetheless. They weren’t the hardiest of seedlings, and seemed to struggle at the beginning of the season, so I didn’t give them much thought or attention. Then last week, out of the blue, I realized they were full of big, beautiful fruit glowing pale yellow. A friend of mine I had given a seedling (Hi, Adam!) sent me a photo of his plant heavily laden with tomatoes. What a nice surprise! Life is funny like that. You spend all this time and energy on your personal vision, and then the world turns around and gives you abundance from something you overlooked. What unexpected surprises are you grateful for this month? Click to connect with me for a quick chat about gardening, real estate, and life in general. Would love to hear from you.