This is a time of beauty and abundance. Don’t forget to enjoy the summer lull when you can grab it. Last weekend I went to Lincoln City, OR, and spent hours watching the waves and relaxing in my favorite new beachside hotel. It was a wonderful and much needed rest, especially since fall is just around the corner, and I’m already preparing for a fantastic harvest. This month’s newsletter is all about how you can enjoy summer while preparing for fall, in your gardens, homes, and real estate endeavors.

My plants are getting taller and bursting into bloom. I’m especially proud of my tomato suspension bridge structure that’s supporting an ever growing collection of tomatoes. It feels too early to plan for fall gardening, right? I know, but now is the time. Start your fall crops, and you’ll have another harvest before winter: lettuce, spinach, beets, carrots, kale, and more can all be started now.

What would you change in your home? As a realtor, I’m asked all the time what home improvement projects will increase the value of a home the most. Bathroom and kitchen remodels? A new roof? It’s difficult to know where money is best spent. Luckily, there is data to help us make good choices. Watch my latest video above to learn the top 5 most valuable home improvement projects in 2021. And if you’re in town this weekend, check out the Tacoma Remodeling Expo.

The only thing hotter than the weather right now is the real estate market. Despite the relaxation of COVID restrictions and some fluxuations in interest rates earlier in the year, there is still an undersupply of homes that’s making prices climb. Coldwell Banker Bain just released its Q2 Market Reports for communities across the Puget Sound. Find your community here to see your local trends.

Want to lend a hand and learn about apple tree care? Join me next Saturday at the Curran Apple Orchard where I am a member. The harvest is still weeks away (late August), but there’s plenty to do to keep the tree happy and healthy. Would love to see any of you there. Anyone who comes to help can get a share of the harvest later.

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