Welcome to summer! It’s amazing how quickly things grow when it starts warming up. We experience months of cool, drizzly, overcast weather where only the moss seems to slowly creep. Then suddenly, it’s June and if you’re not careful your yard can quickly overgrow. This year especially, as COVID precautions evolve or disappear, feels like an opening up.

You’d think the housing market would return to normal, right? So far, this is not the case. As you can see below, housing is more expensive, more quickly sold, commands more competitive offers, and is even more limited compared with last year. Yes, even in the middle of last year’s COVID spread, it was easier to buy. If you are interested in buying a home, don’t despair. A great home is out there for you, it just may take longer to find. Call or email me to hear my strategy for navigating this market.

I’m doing something special for both buyers and sellers this summer. I can’t change the market (I wish!), but I can reduce the fear of the buying process. This summer I will be paying for a one-year home warranty for all buyers. That means, if you work with me to buy a home I will provide a home warranty that covers AC, heat, electrical, plumbing, and ductwork problems not covered by insurance for a year through American Home Shield. This also includes a free rekeying service! If you sell with me, I will also provide this service for the buyer of your home.

THANK YOU, VOLUNTEERS! Last month’s replanting party at the Point Defiance Herb Garden was a great success. Thank you to everyone who donated plants and/or got their hands dirty. I especially want to thank Proctor Art Gallery owner Pamela Phelps, author and garden expert Sue GoetzChirp & Co, and GardenSphere for donating such wonderful prizes. I will be doing a similar event next month, so stay tuned for details in the weeks to come.

LET’S CELEBRATE! From Fourth of July to decreasing COVID infections, we have a lot to celebrate. I just want to take this moment to wish you a content, bountiful, beautiful summer. Happy Father’s day to my dad, Nick! And Happy Pride to my queer and ally friends.